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Great Kidpix Photo Studio (also known as Great Kid Photos and Great Kid Pics) is a Seattle Photo Studio dedicated to making the best children photographs around. As a Seattle portrait photographer who makes a lot of family photos and family portraits, I most enjoy shooting children spontaneously acting like children. As a father of two girls, I get a lot of practice taking family pictures of my own family. Often called upon by clients to take formal family portraits I usually like to be one of those portrait photographers who also do informal family pictures outside of the photography studio and in the home or park when weather permits.

Many of my family photo assignments come directly out of my wedding photography work. As a wedding photographer I make a lot of family pictures at every wedding. If you think of it, a wedding is the coming together of two families and I usually shoot family photos of each family and then one big one of them all together. Then often after a couple of years or sometimes just a year later, I get a call to come and photograph the latest addition to the family.

If you have time, visit my Wedding Photography website called A Beautiful Day Photography to see my
wedding photos and my large group panorama family portraits.

As a professional photographer I also do editorial assignments for magazines like Newsweek and foundations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Family Foundation. Please visit my editorial photographer website to see another side of my work. It is called Daniel Sheehan Photography

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If you want to arrange to take some casual family pictures or to set up an appointment for a more formal family portrait session please contact Daniel in Seattle at:

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