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Seattle Children's Portrait Photo Studio Family & Baby Pictures by Daniel Sheehan

Great Kid Pix Baby Photographer - Children's Portrait Photography Studio

Seattle's Best Family & Children's Portrait Photographers in Seattle, WA

Great Kidpix Photo Studio and On Location Photo Studio are dedicated to making the best baby, family, pregnancy portraits and children's portraits around the Seattle, WA area. We often travel to make our family photos where our clients are most comfortable and in an atmosphere where they can relax - at their home. As a Seattle portrait photographer creating a lot of children portraits, I most enjoy shooting children spontaneously acting like children. I also never tire of making newborn baby pictures. I miss the days when I could make infant pictures of my own children. Making creative maternity pictures and pregnancy pictures is always a challenge trying to avoid the cliches.

As a photographer in Seattle, WA and a father of two girls, I get a lot of practice taking candid pictures of my own family. Candid children pictures are the best way to bring out the most interesting character of the child. Often called upon by clients to take formal children's portraits I usually like to be one of those portrait photographers who also do informal family pictures outside of the photography studio and in the home or park when weather permits. I get the best candid child photos by observing kids at play on their own and catching the moments where their personality shines. That is when I photograph the child at their best.

Many of my Seattle family photographer commissions come directly from former wedding clients where I make a lot of portraits and family pictures. If you think of it, it is the coming together of two families and I usually shoot photos of each family and then one big one of them all together. Then after a couple of years or sometimes just a year later, I often get a call to come and photograph their latest addition. Browse through our portfolio to see examples of our work in the Seattle, Kirkland and Bellevue area. Our children;s portrait photography will capture the essence of your baby or children's innocence, youth, and happiness creating a precious and treasured family memento.

Seattle photography studio Great Kid Pix does all kinds of portraits including family portraits, child photography, toddlers, studio portraits, pictures of family at home or outdoors, picture stories, family photos in Seattle or anywhere around the world, father pictures, daughter pictures, son pictures and mother pictures too. We work mainly in Seattle, Kirkland, Redmond and Bellevue Washington area, but are available to travel everywhere to do our photography. We do black and white photography as well as color digital photography. We are Jana and Daniel Sheehan

We are Located at 9244 - 13th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117 Call 206.633.0656 for an appointment. We do house calls.

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Daniel Sheehan Photography, commercial photographers in Seattle, WA, when not shooting children's portraits are bridal photographers at A Beautiful Day Photography. Daniel is recognized as one of the best wedding Photographers in Seattle, WA. Click here for information on wedding photography prices. He is also a jazz photographer at EyeShotJazz.

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